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Love’s Embrace

Love's Embrace BLOG

I was informed recently that the #1 question asked on the internet was…
“How can I feel good?”

Wow!  What a question so many are seeking for!
Geez…How does one get past all the surface stuff and find the answer to this global concern?

My hope, My prayer, My conviction is to
Be of Service.
To assist you in finding YOUR answer to this deep, burning question.
We welcome you into this Home, where you are heard and supported.
We walk with you to learn to trust without a doubt, All Goodness is waiting for you!
We desire to know, intimately, a Loving Force that ensures everything is working FOR you.
It is working through you, not by you,
as you relax, let go, and allow.

Come discover and explore with others how to breathe into this peacefulness that births
New Vision and New Sparkle
in your everyday life!

Come join us in our newly formed classes and one-on-one Soul Sessions
and feel the Splendor of Love’s Embrace!



In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Peace In All Seasons

As we open our doors after a two month Inner Retreat,
We at The Way Home Indy, invite you
with open arms and love-filled hearts to
join, commune, learn, and grow in profound ways of
Spirit and Truth.

We invite you to experience…
Classes to teach conscious choice of mind
– Ancient modalities of Yoga and Tai Chi
One-on-one Soul Sessions to heal the body, mind, and heart
– Joyful Expressions through music, song, and dance
Community meals and movie nights to help see our lives with a new perspective
– Loving “Family” connection with Friends of the Heart…you are never alone

So as you gather your personal family together for the holidays,
We wish you joy and peace beyond all understanding!
We lovingly invite you to
Begin 2016
With getting to Know and Include US As Family as well!
Please join in the Global passion to
live in Conscious Awareness
as our family walks and plays
with you as you find Your Way Home to lasting
Freedom and Peace.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Poem by Joe Waling:

Celebrate With Us

Come celebrate with

us, the companions

of life, for the world

– adorned with beauty –

dances to your honor.

Can you – with eyes

wide open – see that

this world, a world

crowned with truth,

abounds in love, the

sacred vehicle to a

burning salvation?

Come celebrate with

us, the guardians of a

sacred love, for the heart

– adorned with hope –

sings of your glory

Can you – with ears

alert – hear that

song, a sad song of love,

that lies on the whispering

winds which shall rend the

veil of tears that

hides all your laughter?

Come celebrate with

us, the journeyers of life’s

procession, for the world

– adorned with love –

breathes to your moments.

Can you – with your body

awake – feel that truth,

a sobering flight of

fancy, that shall set

your soul free, free to

ride the waves the waves

of cosmic creations

Reflections of Love!


Thank you all who shared our beautiful experience these last two days.
New friends met and enjoyed immensely at our Kirtan/dance celebration….
Jamesstar Dust, conscious music DJ, continued to lift us up as the music breathed new life to this space. The new male energies were so anchoring to this space formation.

Today’s gathering was so blessed with Joe Waling’s yoga and walking meditation…his powerful Presence, priceless.

….And the courage all had to expose deep wounds to be forgiven and released … Honoring our tears, Our loving support for each other strengthened yet softened our hearts to love again… And follow HS guidance.
Believing and knowing

The joy of seeing Erik Archbold’s smile via Skype,
praying Adam Love’s prayer of building a community “where no one seeks to be healed”
Was sealed in the inspiring August Rush…
Such a glorious movie!!!

Love you all

Feeling another experience to be created and
Engaged in December…

Hope you can come Home

Retreat “Beyond Expectations and Imaginings”!

August 2015 Retreat
August 2015 Retreat

Our 1st retreat at The Way Home Healing and Peace House was
“Beyond Expectations and Imaginings”.

Devoted, Radiant Souls joined for 3 days of deep connecting, profound revelations, and joy-filled expressions of Presence.

Meditation, music, movement, movies, and marvelous meals provided opportunities for further growth and awareness.

Each retreatant’s unique experience of the Divine was
nurtured with tenderness and joy.


In furthering my dedication to be of service through teaching and healing,
I was surrounded by beloved friends who reflected and magnified the purpose of non-judgement, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

Remembering Who We Are As Children of the Divine,
we basked in joyful playfulness and palpable Peace – AND FUN!

A firm foundation has been set for The Way Home’s further activities and
our mission is clear –
TO BE the Light of Love!

Affirming the desire to reach out
share and shine our purpose,
Our core teachers are preparing for another retreat October 23rd and 24th entitled:

I humbly and excitedly invite you to explore The Way Home’s upcoming classes and healing opportunities.
Beginning Monday, September 14, 2015, we will have the home open at 5:30am for Silent Meditations every Monday and Thursday.
Personal one-on-one Healing Sessions, Meditative Movements, Pure Bliss Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Movie Nights, Silent Retreats, Mystical Poetry, Powerful Spiritual Study Groups of A Course In Miracles, Way of Mastery, and Joel Goldsmith are explored in our Way Home Awakening classes and events.

– Coming Home Is Your Destiny –

Come Walk With Us
And Remember Who You Are!

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

In Love,