Calling On the Quiet to Find Answers to Life’s Challenges


It has been an honor to walk with companions here at The Way Home Indy.  As each Soul is opened to deeper understanding and peace, hidden questions and wounds bubble up, demanding authentic answers and guidance to find their way to true peace and love.
Profound healing is felt and embraced –
Yet there tends to be darkness and upset before new vision and life is seen and embraced.
Having returned from a week long silent retreat in Utah, I am drawn to share how important it is to be totally honest with oneself and to the inner nudges that seem to move us along.
Trying to follow old learned patterns of “should have, could have, would have” blocks the soft but profound Spirit’s whispers to follow a New Way.
The path to Peace –
The Way Home can be an unruly ride.  As we scratch and grasp for familiar ways to feel and respond, the need for Mighty Companions so strongly felt.
Where do we go to find these…”
Especially when we’ve graduated from beginning levels of Awakening.
What tools, practices can be utilized to assure our desired outcome…
Peace beyond this world,
beyond the noise, the struggles, the seeming challenges, losses and gains.
Where do we go?
No matter what modalities, classes, treatments or practices, we are ultimately called to go within to the greatest Love we will ever know.
We are called to go home to God –
Back to the Garden of Unimaginable Love.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

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