Monthly Archives: September 2016

This is my prayer


Where do I go to find awakening?
“With all of my seeking and experiencing – I choose Trust in the Divine’s Presence.  This Source that brings me Home to Love in each moment, in every way.
There is no more seeking.”
– Delynn

Remembering that Truth of who we are, Pure Love…
The dedicated souls of The Way Home Indy are honored to move to yet another season of your lives and ours.
In September our Kirtan, Silent Retreat, and weekly Way Home Awakenings are entwined with our freeing Moving Meditations Tai Chi and Gentle Yoga.
We are honored to provide Healing and Peaceful Sanctuary for your souls’ unwinding from this world’s challenges and beliefs.
As I am available for in-depth healing and guidance in one-on-one Soul Sessions.
We wish to remind you that Peace is within reach wherever you are – as we offer the universal practice of mindfulness…
“the dedication to That that is experienced in the present moment.”
– Gyan Anand

We look forward to the reflections the beautiful season of fall provides for our souls’ expansion,
As we invite you to experience welcome that only Home can give.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis