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“All There Is Is Love Or A Call For Love” – ACIM

Worldly events have bombarded our hearts and minds with anger, fear, and doubt.
Everything seems out of control and DOOM is the battle cry of the EGO!
Spirit says –
It’s a Lie!
…that is
Unless we continue to rely on our human minds and patterns that sabotage peaceful solutions.
So, how do we find real change for Peace?

The cornerstone of The Way Home Indy is to embrace Only Love Is Real.
We join together here to BE living examples of Love’s Presence.  To walk with you to let go of deep fears, learn new ways of thinking and live in harmony and love.
Step by step, this budding community is dedicated to creating space to truly have deep healing and peace.  To make the shifts your Soul is calling to make…
In fact, our Whole World is calling for, by your willingness to find a better way.
So Come Join Us!
We have new faces and names to our “About Us” page, and we invite you to meet them here, and in person, at our gatherings and retreats.
These friends and companions have devoted their lives to being Way Showers in everyday life!
Just like YOU are meant to be.

We are taking the words of John Lennon very seriously –

“All we are saying, is give peace a chance”

Find your Way Home to the Freedom of what Real Love gives.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis