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Re-Dedication of “The Way Home Indy”

Hello, Beloved Ones!
A little under a year ago, I was inspired to collaborate with a core of devoted friends here in Indy who desired to build and expand the vision of a Healing and Peace Center christened “The Way Home Indy”.

While this past year provided 2 Beautiful Retreats, Meditative Movement Classes, Way Home Awakenings Group Studies, Spontaneous Movies, Music, and Cookouts; our focus was to lead by example.
In other words, to walk the talk of what true healing and peace was truly about.
“To BE the Changed We Wanted To See”
Integrating the Teachings of A Course In Miracles and The Way of Mastery, the message of Forgiveness, Non-judgement, and Unconditional Love is the foundation set to build a Sacred Space for ALL to come and experience a Love that surpasses all understanding.
Our only Purpose here at The Way Home is to be the Channels of LOVE and extend that to you through our sessions and classes.

The months ahead offer:
Way Home Awakenings on Monday nights
Miraculous Movies and Meals on July 3rd
and a profoundly healing and enlightening Retreat Dealing with Relationships July 22nd and July 23rd.
Mid-August calls me to the west coast for family time and Spiritual Sabbatical as September promises more opportunities of Love, Joy, Healing, and Peace.

Please Come and Experience what Deep Healing and Awareness can bring to your life.

Sharing a most beautiful song produced and performed by Deva Premal and Miten, I wish to let their song speak clearly and strongly of our Commitment to All who Enter Here.

All Is Welcome Here

May the words and sounds ring deeply and tenderly to your Souls.

As you Awaken to the Source of Love within you –
Know we are here to assist you
Find Your Way Home.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis