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Why Meditate?


Let’s start at the very core of finding our way home…
Our way back to peace, clarity, and joy!

Through all the distracting concerns and worries of this world, how do we begin to experience the Presence of God, Creator, Divine, or Love?

Whatever name we give it (God), we have glimpses of remembering childlike Joy and Wonder.
We crave the peace and tranquility of drifting into a space of safety and calm.
Our hunger to feel and live it every moment is the drive to commune and embody our Essence of Being One with a Force, a Presence beyond words. It is our call…

Sitting still for 5 minutes a day, devoted to be with and begin THE most important relationship one can ever have, we very simply begin to discover the purpose of meditation.  The art of Listening, fully Renewing, and following our Inner Guidance, will fill us up to full capacity.  Certainty and Trust envelop us, no matter what worldly experiences appear before us.
We are led to THE perfect path for each of us.

Feeling the excitement and blessings of opening The Way Home’s doors, Our Hearts are open with great Warmth and Curiosity of all the discoveries we will Have Together.

Go Deeper with us into God’s arms…
Join us in meditations.
Experience the Freedom to Be in Grace, and Bless Our World with Great Joy and Peace.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis