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Love’s Embrace

Love's Embrace BLOG

I was informed recently that the #1 question asked on the internet was…
“How can I feel good?”

Wow!  What a question so many are seeking for!
Geez…How does one get past all the surface stuff and find the answer to this global concern?

My hope, My prayer, My conviction is to
Be of Service.
To assist you in finding YOUR answer to this deep, burning question.
We welcome you into this Home, where you are heard and supported.
We walk with you to learn to trust without a doubt, All Goodness is waiting for you!
We desire to know, intimately, a Loving Force that ensures everything is working FOR you.
It is working through you, not by you,
as you relax, let go, and allow.

Come discover and explore with others how to breathe into this peacefulness that births
New Vision and New Sparkle
in your everyday life!

Come join us in our newly formed classes and one-on-one Soul Sessions
and feel the Splendor of Love’s Embrace!



In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis