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The Seed of God Grows Into God


Wondering this morning how things will unfold for me on the next step of my journey.

How about you?

The timing of TWH events this week seem to mirror the endless cycle of closure and new beginnings.

Gaining clarity that non attachment does not mean I am to stop being loving, warm
And passionate….

Quite the contrary.

Letting go of what no longer serves

and welcoming

new levels of joyous adventure with
New companions and friends!

All led by finely tuned guidance and Self direction of our One Self!!!
Whatever word you choose to define it…SPIRIT

It is there speaking,
Longing for you to

Not just saying words of Christed nature but

Brings to me the thought of no longer
Choosing Love

But removing all options of
Giving and Receiving Love!

All else is not on my docket!
ERASING (forgiving) all else.

I’m feeling more impassioned to my guitar and sing, travel and commune with others

Maybe ….
As Guide
(this feels my natural state)








I continue on in
my mystical, magical journey of love in form.

All forms that will allow me to be the
Master Shape Shifter
I know I can be.

And AM


In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Peace In All Seasons

As we open our doors after a two month Inner Retreat,
We at The Way Home Indy, invite you
with open arms and love-filled hearts to
join, commune, learn, and grow in profound ways of
Spirit and Truth.

We invite you to experience…
Classes to teach conscious choice of mind
– Ancient modalities of Yoga and Tai Chi
One-on-one Soul Sessions to heal the body, mind, and heart
– Joyful Expressions through music, song, and dance
Community meals and movie nights to help see our lives with a new perspective
– Loving “Family” connection with Friends of the Heart…you are never alone

So as you gather your personal family together for the holidays,
We wish you joy and peace beyond all understanding!
We lovingly invite you to
Begin 2016
With getting to Know and Include US As Family as well!
Please join in the Global passion to
live in Conscious Awareness
as our family walks and plays
with you as you find Your Way Home to lasting
Freedom and Peace.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Poem by Joe Waling:

Celebrate With Us

Come celebrate with

us, the companions

of life, for the world

– adorned with beauty –

dances to your honor.

Can you – with eyes

wide open – see that

this world, a world

crowned with truth,

abounds in love, the

sacred vehicle to a

burning salvation?

Come celebrate with

us, the guardians of a

sacred love, for the heart

– adorned with hope –

sings of your glory

Can you – with ears

alert – hear that

song, a sad song of love,

that lies on the whispering

winds which shall rend the

veil of tears that

hides all your laughter?

Come celebrate with

us, the journeyers of life’s

procession, for the world

– adorned with love –

breathes to your moments.

Can you – with your body

awake – feel that truth,

a sobering flight of

fancy, that shall set

your soul free, free to

ride the waves the waves

of cosmic creations