Monthly Archives: November 2015

Joy In The Purest Form

Coming back home.


I have been blessed the last three days to live in such loving community with my daughter, son, their life partners Gerry and Kayla…
And our new Light (Alaina) blessing our home.

I was touched with their deep ability to
love passionately,
collaborate joyously
and depart with sweet tears of knowing we can never be apart…
But still feeling all the emotions that comes with loving so tenderly yet freely.
The long hugs, the playful banter and heartfelt oneness was profound beyond explanation.
I am so blessed.
How I desire to share and expand this type of holiness and “family” love…
In all I do.

Revisiting and affirming the difference between nonattachment, attachment,
Was very powerful and enlightening,
As I rejoice in my purpose of sharing Heavenly Love
On this Earthly Plane.

THANK YOU Beloved Family ALL OF YOU!!!
Who keep this mission alive in me Everywhere And Everyday
I love you so !

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis