Sacred Soul Sessions


IMG_1916Various ancient and practical healing tools are given with unconditional Love and Presence.

Delynn’s devotion to provide one-on-one confidential sessions that promote deep healing and stress relief are offered by appointment only.

Gently walking with each client, Delynn assists inner reflection on habits and patterns that keep one bound in anxiety and restlessness.  By letting go (forgiving) all that keeps one wrapped in fear and doubt, a freedom is experienced and Peace enjoyed.

The 2 1/2 century old art of spiritual healing tradition of Reiki is then also used in aligning the energetic body with a peaceful mind.  Reiki is NOT a religion, nor is it a specific practice or belief.  It only recognizes a willingness to be open and receive Spirit impulses.

Each session is progressive and felt in effects, as clients utilize other Way Home classes and gatherings to embrace in their personal practices.

Delynn humbly acknowledges it is only and always God that heals – yet nothing needs to be healed…only Remembered.

Remembered – We are ALL children of the Divine…
Welcome Home!

Suggested Donations:
$120 – 90 minutes

$60 for 90 minutes for a limited time…1/2 OFF THROUGH NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER!

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Delynn is a Spirit-led Intuitive Healer, Certified Forgiveness Coach and Teacher, as well as Resident Spiritual Teacher integrating A Course In Miracles, Way of Mastery, and Joel Goldsmith;   Meditative Movements and Methods Master Teacher utilizing Tai Chi and Life Energy Reiki Master; a 1993 Indiana Youth Investment Award Recipient and 2000 Indiana Artist In Residence.




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