Creating Space to truly Be Still and feel the Presence of Love, within you and all around you the purpose and blessings of these gatherings will immerse you in Peace.  Offered on a bi- weekly basis, we will join together using various techniques to help you find your best way to come to Silence…and experience firsthand, a peace beyond understanding. Tools that can be practically used in your everyday life.  In all walks of Life.  All is given by Spirit.

Free will contributions…give as you are called to give from gratitude and love.

Sacred Soul Sessions

Various ancient and practical healing tools are given with unconditional Love and Presence.
Delynn’s devotion to provide one-on-one confidential sessions that promote deep healing and stress relief are offered by appointment only.
Gently walking with each client, Delynn assists inner reflection on habits and patterns that keep one bound in anxiety and restlessness.  By letting go (forgiving) all that keeps one wrapped in fear and doubt, a freedom is experienced and Peace enjoyed.
The 2 1/2 century old art of spiritual healing tradition of Reiki is then also used in aligning the energetic body with a peaceful mind.  Reiki is NOT a religion, nor is it a specific practice or belief.  It only recognizes a willingness to be open and receive Spirit impulses.
Each session is progressive and felt in effects, as clients utilize other Way Home classes and gatherings to embrace in their personal practices.
Delynn humbly acknowledges it is only and always God that heals – yet nothing needs to be healed…only Remembered.
Remembered – We are ALL children of the Divine…
Welcome Home!

Meditative Movements and Methods

Finding Peace through movement, this class allows one to explore all their energies of emotions.  Using the body as a communication device to express Spirit, we move from awareness of blockages in our hearts and minds, clearing the way for the Lightness of Joy and Blessings of tranquility to let our Spirits be free to Dance!

Blending stretching and  gracefulness  of Dance, breathing of Yoga and fluidity of Tai Chi, you are invited to experience you body from a whole new perspective.  Suitable for All body types, conditions, and ages….can even be done in a chair.

75 min class….15.00 a class or 8 week discount package.


Self study practices and study groups…

Opening one to explore and discover

The path their internal guide calls them “Home” with.



Bimonthly gatherings to support and encourage self discipline and devotion to ones personal practice to awakening.

Upcoming classes to be offered with guest teachers and personal support.

Conscious Relating                      Sacred Relations

1 Day Silent Retreats

These Sacred days of Silent Community will allow one to truly tune into the Voice within.  Blessing one with the ear to hear the Holy Spirits whisper and direction.  Mindful practices of joining for prayer, food preparation and nature walks, allows the flow of Spirit to be felt and embraced, realizing the closeness of the Divine that is Always with us.

3 Day Intensive Retreats

Gathering from Friday evenings til Sunday mornings, the tools of inner reflection, journaling, guided meditiation, music, movies, movement and prayer, refreshes and renews each participant by connecting with Mighty Companions and Friends who join in purpose and love of Being the Light in form.

Topics for retreats will evolve as Community unfolds and blossoms in Loves Light and direction.

Music as Muse

Guest artists and teachers share their musical inspirations to awaken and enlighten us through the powerful vehicle of music and sound.  Come Experience the elation of letting the music move through you, with you, as YOU.

Miraculous Movies and Meals

Monthly Community nights as we come together to share a potluck meal and engage in movies that show us new ways(or remember old ways) to find peace, healing and love via the magnificent vehicles of Movies.

Love donations with gifts of food and fun!!!!!

Pure Bliss Dance Celebrations

Bliss, Joy and Radiant expressions describes this dance experience.

Beginning and ending in meditation and Silence, we allow the joy of movement and free form expression to take each dancer to a new level of vibration!  Divinity is experienced as Spirit is felt flowing within and without with EveryOne.

JOY JOY JOY beyond definition!!!!!!