Sharing My Heart

On April 16, 2012, I experienced THE most devastating experience of my life.  My beautiful son Rodman C. Hughes passed away of a very rare cancer at age 26 in our home in Lowell, IN.
A strong, healthy, young man who, as a culinary chef, dedicated his life to helping support handicapped individuals by cooking and caring for them, was suddenly not a part of my physical reality.  My broken heart seemed irreparable as I asked God – Why, Why, Why?
Led to Indianapolis to find some kind of peace, I acquired a “Way of Forgiveness” certification that I felt was Spirit’s way of walking me through the haze of suffering I was experiencing.
After 5 years of questions, tears, and revelations, I have found the inner strength to join with author Diana Ensign for 2 days of reflection and healing in our safe, loving peace center known as The Way Home Indy.
Please join me as I continue to walk my walk to finding true Healing and Peace.  Holding each other’s hands, we will discover our pain of loss will be dissolved away, step by step.
Together, we will discover new meaning and hope to our lives.  Our healing will empower so many to carry on and Shine their Lights –
through the darkest of nights….

In Love,

Delynn Curtis




Come Home To Your Heart

The Way Home Indy is dedicated to providing a Safe Place to Remember Who You Are…As a Beloved Child of the Universe.

To support you; as you unload beliefs and mind conditionings that confuse and distort your path to Inner Peace, we invite you to Come Home to LOVE.
Using tools rooted from the Master Teacher Yeshua, we find his guidance and influence in Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga, Music, Movement, and Conscious Community.
Imparting principles from The Infinite Way, A Course In Miracles, Way of Mastery; we openly welcome and bless all paths to realizing our Oneness, our Unity; our Commonality…We join as Infinite beings that are radiant extensions of the Divine Creator of All.

When we consciously choose to remember this Inner Truth, we Share in joy and wonder, the endless possibilities of our collaborations.

Our on-going classes and upcoming events and retreats will allow your soul to Blossom with the delicate beauty of Spirit.

Come Join Us and Experience Love Beyond Form or Labels.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis

Calling On the Quiet to Find Answers to Life’s Challenges


It has been an honor to walk with companions here at The Way Home Indy.  As each Soul is opened to deeper understanding and peace, hidden questions and wounds bubble up, demanding authentic answers and guidance to find their way to true peace and love.
Profound healing is felt and embraced –
Yet there tends to be darkness and upset before new vision and life is seen and embraced.
Having returned from a week long silent retreat in Utah, I am drawn to share how important it is to be totally honest with oneself and to the inner nudges that seem to move us along.
Trying to follow old learned patterns of “should have, could have, would have” blocks the soft but profound Spirit’s whispers to follow a New Way.
The path to Peace –
The Way Home can be an unruly ride.  As we scratch and grasp for familiar ways to feel and respond, the need for Mighty Companions so strongly felt.
Where do we go to find these…”
Especially when we’ve graduated from beginning levels of Awakening.
What tools, practices can be utilized to assure our desired outcome…
Peace beyond this world,
beyond the noise, the struggles, the seeming challenges, losses and gains.
Where do we go?
No matter what modalities, classes, treatments or practices, we are ultimately called to go within to the greatest Love we will ever know.
We are called to go home to God –
Back to the Garden of Unimaginable Love.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

This is my prayer


Where do I go to find awakening?
“With all of my seeking and experiencing – I choose Trust in the Divine’s Presence.  This Source that brings me Home to Love in each moment, in every way.
There is no more seeking.”
– Delynn

Remembering that Truth of who we are, Pure Love…
The dedicated souls of The Way Home Indy are honored to move to yet another season of your lives and ours.
In September our Kirtan, Silent Retreat, and weekly Way Home Awakenings are entwined with our freeing Moving Meditations Tai Chi and Gentle Yoga.
We are honored to provide Healing and Peaceful Sanctuary for your souls’ unwinding from this world’s challenges and beliefs.
As I am available for in-depth healing and guidance in one-on-one Soul Sessions.
We wish to remind you that Peace is within reach wherever you are – as we offer the universal practice of mindfulness…
“the dedication to That that is experienced in the present moment.”
– Gyan Anand

We look forward to the reflections the beautiful season of fall provides for our souls’ expansion,
As we invite you to experience welcome that only Home can give.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

“All There Is Is Love Or A Call For Love” – ACIM

Worldly events have bombarded our hearts and minds with anger, fear, and doubt.
Everything seems out of control and DOOM is the battle cry of the EGO!
Spirit says –
It’s a Lie!
…that is
Unless we continue to rely on our human minds and patterns that sabotage peaceful solutions.
So, how do we find real change for Peace?

The cornerstone of The Way Home Indy is to embrace Only Love Is Real.
We join together here to BE living examples of Love’s Presence.  To walk with you to let go of deep fears, learn new ways of thinking and live in harmony and love.
Step by step, this budding community is dedicated to creating space to truly have deep healing and peace.  To make the shifts your Soul is calling to make…
In fact, our Whole World is calling for, by your willingness to find a better way.
So Come Join Us!
We have new faces and names to our “About Us” page, and we invite you to meet them here, and in person, at our gatherings and retreats.
These friends and companions have devoted their lives to being Way Showers in everyday life!
Just like YOU are meant to be.

We are taking the words of John Lennon very seriously –

“All we are saying, is give peace a chance”

Find your Way Home to the Freedom of what Real Love gives.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Re-Dedication of “The Way Home Indy”

Hello, Beloved Ones!
A little under a year ago, I was inspired to collaborate with a core of devoted friends here in Indy who desired to build and expand the vision of a Healing and Peace Center christened “The Way Home Indy”.

While this past year provided 2 Beautiful Retreats, Meditative Movement Classes, Way Home Awakenings Group Studies, Spontaneous Movies, Music, and Cookouts; our focus was to lead by example.
In other words, to walk the talk of what true healing and peace was truly about.
“To BE the Changed We Wanted To See”
Integrating the Teachings of A Course In Miracles and The Way of Mastery, the message of Forgiveness, Non-judgement, and Unconditional Love is the foundation set to build a Sacred Space for ALL to come and experience a Love that surpasses all understanding.
Our only Purpose here at The Way Home is to be the Channels of LOVE and extend that to you through our sessions and classes.

The months ahead offer:
Way Home Awakenings on Monday nights
Miraculous Movies and Meals on July 3rd
and a profoundly healing and enlightening Retreat Dealing with Relationships July 22nd and July 23rd.
Mid-August calls me to the west coast for family time and Spiritual Sabbatical as September promises more opportunities of Love, Joy, Healing, and Peace.

Please Come and Experience what Deep Healing and Awareness can bring to your life.

Sharing a most beautiful song produced and performed by Deva Premal and Miten, I wish to let their song speak clearly and strongly of our Commitment to All who Enter Here.

All Is Welcome Here

May the words and sounds ring deeply and tenderly to your Souls.

As you Awaken to the Source of Love within you –
Know we are here to assist you
Find Your Way Home.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis


Why Meditate?


Let’s start at the very core of finding our way home…
Our way back to peace, clarity, and joy!

Through all the distracting concerns and worries of this world, how do we begin to experience the Presence of God, Creator, Divine, or Love?

Whatever name we give it (God), we have glimpses of remembering childlike Joy and Wonder.
We crave the peace and tranquility of drifting into a space of safety and calm.
Our hunger to feel and live it every moment is the drive to commune and embody our Essence of Being One with a Force, a Presence beyond words. It is our call…

Sitting still for 5 minutes a day, devoted to be with and begin THE most important relationship one can ever have, we very simply begin to discover the purpose of meditation.  The art of Listening, fully Renewing, and following our Inner Guidance, will fill us up to full capacity.  Certainty and Trust envelop us, no matter what worldly experiences appear before us.
We are led to THE perfect path for each of us.

Feeling the excitement and blessings of opening The Way Home’s doors, Our Hearts are open with great Warmth and Curiosity of all the discoveries we will Have Together.

Go Deeper with us into God’s arms…
Join us in meditations.
Experience the Freedom to Be in Grace, and Bless Our World with Great Joy and Peace.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Love’s Embrace

Love's Embrace BLOG

I was informed recently that the #1 question asked on the internet was…
“How can I feel good?”

Wow!  What a question so many are seeking for!
Geez…How does one get past all the surface stuff and find the answer to this global concern?

My hope, My prayer, My conviction is to
Be of Service.
To assist you in finding YOUR answer to this deep, burning question.
We welcome you into this Home, where you are heard and supported.
We walk with you to learn to trust without a doubt, All Goodness is waiting for you!
We desire to know, intimately, a Loving Force that ensures everything is working FOR you.
It is working through you, not by you,
as you relax, let go, and allow.

Come discover and explore with others how to breathe into this peacefulness that births
New Vision and New Sparkle
in your everyday life!

Come join us in our newly formed classes and one-on-one Soul Sessions
and feel the Splendor of Love’s Embrace!



In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

The Seed of God Grows Into God


Wondering this morning how things will unfold for me on the next step of my journey.

How about you?

The timing of TWH events this week seem to mirror the endless cycle of closure and new beginnings.

Gaining clarity that non attachment does not mean I am to stop being loving, warm
And passionate….

Quite the contrary.

Letting go of what no longer serves

and welcoming

new levels of joyous adventure with
New companions and friends!

All led by finely tuned guidance and Self direction of our One Self!!!
Whatever word you choose to define it…SPIRIT

It is there speaking,
Longing for you to

Not just saying words of Christed nature but

Brings to me the thought of no longer
Choosing Love

But removing all options of
Giving and Receiving Love!

All else is not on my docket!
ERASING (forgiving) all else.

I’m feeling more impassioned to my guitar and sing, travel and commune with others

Maybe ….
As Guide
(this feels my natural state)








I continue on in
my mystical, magical journey of love in form.

All forms that will allow me to be the
Master Shape Shifter
I know I can be.

And AM


In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Peace In All Seasons

As we open our doors after a two month Inner Retreat,
We at The Way Home Indy, invite you
with open arms and love-filled hearts to
join, commune, learn, and grow in profound ways of
Spirit and Truth.

We invite you to experience…
Classes to teach conscious choice of mind
– Ancient modalities of Yoga and Tai Chi
One-on-one Soul Sessions to heal the body, mind, and heart
– Joyful Expressions through music, song, and dance
Community meals and movie nights to help see our lives with a new perspective
– Loving “Family” connection with Friends of the Heart…you are never alone

So as you gather your personal family together for the holidays,
We wish you joy and peace beyond all understanding!
We lovingly invite you to
Begin 2016
With getting to Know and Include US As Family as well!
Please join in the Global passion to
live in Conscious Awareness
as our family walks and plays
with you as you find Your Way Home to lasting
Freedom and Peace.

In Love,

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Poem by Joe Waling:

Celebrate With Us

Come celebrate with

us, the companions

of life, for the world

– adorned with beauty –

dances to your honor.

Can you – with eyes

wide open – see that

this world, a world

crowned with truth,

abounds in love, the

sacred vehicle to a

burning salvation?

Come celebrate with

us, the guardians of a

sacred love, for the heart

– adorned with hope –

sings of your glory

Can you – with ears

alert – hear that

song, a sad song of love,

that lies on the whispering

winds which shall rend the

veil of tears that

hides all your laughter?

Come celebrate with

us, the journeyers of life’s

procession, for the world

– adorned with love –

breathes to your moments.

Can you – with your body

awake – feel that truth,

a sobering flight of

fancy, that shall set

your soul free, free to

ride the waves the waves

of cosmic creations