About Us


The Way Home creates a welcoming and open space to lead you on a path to remembering who you truly are.  Allow your soul to take wings and soar in love and light as you discover your ancient abilities.  Our facilitators will utilize meditation, movement, music, movies, retreats, healing touch, and educational courses.




Resident Teacher:

Delynn Curtis
Delynn Curtis

Delynn Curtis…Resident teacher at The Way Home, Way of Forgiveness  mentor/teacher, ACIM/WOM teacher, Sacred Movement facilitator/teacher, Intuitive Healer

Delynn began studying Joel Goldsmith in 1985 and recognized spiritual healing as her life path. She blends her life experiences with studies from American Institute of Holistic Studies, A Course In Miracles, Way of Mastery, Tai Chi, Life Energy Reiki and Aesthetics since her artistic life work as a professional dancer/teacher shifted in 1999. She continues her ongoing Self Awarenss growth and expansion with her associations with Reunion Ministries, Heartland Miracles and Living Miracles Monestary.
It is her sincere desire to be here to shine in this life’s story with love, giving through joyful service and example. She honors all the diverse and incomparable teachers in her life…leading all toward the Truth of our Oneness, with great humility and gratitude.

As she is blessed to be in Indianapolis at this time of worldly ascension, her soul immerses back to its essence of art, beauty, and music.  As Spirit leads in setting Its foundation of conscious community known as The Way Home Indy.



Joining in Holy Relationship with the expansion of The Way Home, I am so honored to walk with these friends and companions whose dedication and devotion to God are Way Showers to all.  Their daily lives walk the talk of being “in the world but not of it”.

In Love,

Jen Toering
Jen Toering

Jen Toering…Giver-of-Lingering-Hugs, Artist, Interpretive Dancer, Mother, Friend

Love.  Jen’s joy is to extend Love in everything that she is.  Her deepest heart’s desire throughout her life has been to be a loving presence to everyone and everything.  Her discovery and remembrance of God’s truly un-ending, un-wavering Love has opened her heart further and allowed her to extend Love in everything that she does with ease and the beautiful grace and gracefulness of God.  She’s not “perfect” (what a difficult word for her to release from her consciousness!).  She has days where she forgets.  Days when she feels grumpy.  It’s all part of it.  It’s all part of the beauty of being here and experiencing life together.
Her desire to be unconditional love and to release any form of judgement of herself and others is a continuing practice that brings her a deep sense of inner peace and takes her deeper into Love’s sweet embrace.


Eric Rawe
Eric Rawe

Eric Rawe

52 with two grade school daughters
Gift of awakening after divorce in 2014
Love for my lifetime assignment is deeper now having grown in God’s Love
My relationship with God has transformed my daily outlook and experience


Guest Teachers:

Jamesstar Dust
James Stardust


James Stardust…Spiritual Conscious Music DJ

James is an avid music enthusiast and performer with an ear for music that speaks to the soul and uplifts the spirit. He is capable of taking the listener on a deep inward journey into the self, creating a sublime atmosphere for inner healing and serene peace.




Joe Waling

Joe Waling – also named Gyan Anand …Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Mystical Poet

Joe/Gyan has been practicing yoga for ten years, and first became internationally certified in Hatha practice in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009. He practices daily and has just extended his training Traditional Indian Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India. He is Yoga Alliance certified in both guided meditations and in yoga.  He primarily teaches vinyasa flow classes, but also teaches gentle yoga, and puts a spiritual twist on the western approach to yoga – utilizing chanting, pranayama – breath work -, and yoga asanas to help facilitate the evolution of consciousness in each individual. He also writes mystical poetry on a daily basis, and has been for 7 straight years now. Gyan uses his poetry in some of his meditations to help broaden the consciousness of the group to engulf the cosmic love that surrounds all life.